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Get The Facts About Panic Attacks


Panic attacks are emotionally debilitating incidents that can happen anywhere and at any time. Some are aware of the triggers but many never learn what causes them to experience this dreadful condition. They simply cope with it when it happens. The unpleasant feeling typically lasts for minutes at a time and then it subsides on its own. However, it can recur just as quickly, waves of panic in succession leaving a person exhausted and utterly distraught. The lack of any discernible cause compounds the problem. Patients are physically okay yet psychologically devastated and they don’t know how to get well.

The Effects of Panic Attacks

Individuals experiencing panic attacks can be so traumatized that they start developing fears that exacerbate the situation. Since the incidents can happen without warning, they are in constant state of dread about the next time it might appear. They worry that it might come up while they are out in public, possibly leading into some embarrassing situations. This thought may cause them to retreat inwardly. They will prefer to stay in places where they feel comfortable like their home and refuse to go out unless it was absolutely necessary. They may begin to withdraw from friends thinking that nobody understands them, not even themselves.

Treatment Options

Those who suffer from panic attacks are likely to feel like they are all alone in a fight against an invisible shadow. Yet the truth is that there are more than 4 million Americans suffering from different forms of panic attack. This represents a significant portion of the adult population. The numbers may even be a lot higher as this condition tends to be grossly under-reported.

The good news is that people don’t have to live this way all their life. There are a number of treatment options available and most of them can produce tangible results within a short time span. Cognitive/behavioral therapy is a particularly effective treatment for panic attacks and agoraphobia. It is often described as a how-to therapy as it focuses on the present moment and the ways to get rid of the anxiety.

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Mixing Heroin And Alcohol Is An Invitation For Death


Heroin alone has incredibly intense side effects that could possibly result in death, but when this opiate is mixed with alcohol, the results are intensified. The central nervous system depressing alcohol greatly intensifies the effect of the illegal pain killer, heroin, making an overdose much more likely.

The side effects of heroin and alcohol are incredibly intensified when the drugs are paired with each other. The pairing gives a sense or relaxation and euphoria that is the reason addicts and abusers combine these two drugs.

While the initial high that one receives while taking heroin while under the influence of alcohol might be a short-lived enjoyable feeling, the two drugs interact in a deadly way. With alcohol and heroin, you are mixing a sedative and opiate, which can lead to loss of coordination and trouble concentrating. This combination is incredibly dangerous as you could easily take a fall or accidentally hurt yourself when attempting even simple movements. Other side effects that are common when mixing these two drugs include loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, and slowed or irregular heart rate. In some cases, the combination has even led to breathing completely halting.

Not only are the side effects of the combining of these two drugs strengthened, so are the chances of an overdose or alcohol poisoning. Any drug that affects your central nervous system will affect your tolerance for alcohol. If you are still attempting to drink large quantities as you might be used to under the influence of heroin, you are much more likely to succumb to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol also intensifies the effects of heroin. The more intense the effects on your mind, the more intense the effects on your body, thus resulting in a possibly deadly overdose.

If you are mixing heroin and alcohol, you are inviting death to your party. This is an incredibly dangerous combination. While the initial high might be fleetingly euphoric, the side effects are incredibly dangerous. The chance of an overdose on these drugs is also increased when you combine them.

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The Risk Of Levamisole In Tainted Cocaine

185050374The dangers of cocaine have always been present and known to many, especially today, with the Internet providing useful information on virtually any worthwhile subject. Cocaine is highly addictive, which can have a huge impact on a user’s life, and at higher doses, can cause sudden cardiac death. The deaths resulting from cocaine use almost doubled in 2013 when compared to 1990. Recreational use of this drug continues to grow worldwide, regardless of the fact that it is illegal in most countries.

With cocaine illegally entering countries, there aren’t any safety regulations in place regarding its contents, and as such, could be “cut” with any substance the manufacturers chooses. Cocaine is rarely ever sold in its purest form, meaning it’s “cut” for greater profits, each time it exchanges dealers’ hands. This puts users at a greater risk than they could ever imagine, as the more recent intercepted cocaine shipments seized by the U.S. and British governments have proved. Approximately 80% of the cocaine seized contained Levamisole, a veterinary drug used in deworming cattle! It’s inexpensive and readily available in cocaine-producing countries, like Columbia, making it the choice-cutting substance. Levamisole can cause skin rotting, and it inhibits the production of white blood cells, which reduces the body’s ability to fight infection and disease, much like HIV.

While the dangers of hard drugs always existed, occasional use was often accepted in many circles, and there are even times when certain drugs are “in style.” Cocaine experienced its peak in the 70s and 80s, being the drug of choice, even among the top celebrities. Other varieties of cocaine were created thereafter, each with its own set of dangers and risks. Today’s risks make cocaine use a greater gamble. Days after use, the Levamisole-cut cocaine has caused the skin of noses, ears, and even cheeks to rot. This ultimately has unwanted, flesh-eating side effects, which were evident in victims who demonstrated dark purple patches on their skin.

There will always be dangers associated with cocaine, and other illegally produced drugs, which should convince people to steer clear of them if they value their lives.

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