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The Differences Between Dilaudid And Morphine


Dilaudid and Morphine are two drugs known for their pain relieving capabilities. However, there is a basic difference between the two and that difference lies in the source where they come from. Even though Morphine and Dilaudid both are very addictive drugs, the former comes directly from the poppy plants while the latter is a market name for hydromorphone.

Different Strengths

Hydromorphone is made by morphine synthesis and thus, is a variant of morphine itself. As per latest studies, Dilaudid is at least 3-4 times stronger than Morphine, but is used less commonly as a drug. During severe pain, usually Morphine is administered first to the patients. Both of these opioids are popular among drug addicts.

Dilaudid is more soluble in water than Morphine, which is why it is the preferred drug during many surgeries. Also, since it acts faster than Morphine, it is given when the patient requires a quick dosage.

Side Effects

Dilaudid and Morphine both can be highly addictive, as they are both derived from opiates. In fact, according to studies, Morphine can be at least as addictive as heroine and is definitely stronger than alcohol. But since Dilaudid is higher in strength than Morphine, it can be far more addictive when taken in the same doses. It is usually prescribed to persons who require a high level of Morphine.

Some reports link Morphine with mood swings, nausea, and cognitive distortion, while these symptoms in Dilaudid takers seem less likely. That being said, there can be no conclusive statement about their side effects, as the effects may differ from person to person. This is why different variants of these drugs are prescribed to different people.


Dilaudid is available (only when prescribed) in the medical stores. It can be availed either as an IV or pill form. It is usually prescribed to those who have a dry, persistent painful cough. It is an alternative to Morphine and is also used as an anti-tussive, or cough suppressant.

However, it must be noted that taking either drug in high quantities may cause serious respiratory problems. Also, because of the highly addictive nature of these drugs it is advised to take them in low doses and only if prescribed.