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Tylenol With Codeine – Being Addicted And Getting Treatment

491707179Although you might think that Tylenol is a relatively safe substance in regard to addiction, when mixed with codeine, a prescription drug called Tylenol three, it can cause you to become addicted because of the opiates that are used. Opioids and morphine derivatives can lead to addiction problems, yet at the same time they may be the only thing that can help you with controlling your pain levels. There are several things you can do to alleviate the pain without opiates, and treatment centers that can help and your addiction.

Dependency Upon Opiates

The reason that they are so addicting is because they will actually cause your body to stop producing natural endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones within your body that allow you to feel the, and without them, you will start feeling withdrawals. When you take opiates, even ones as strong as heroin, you can avoid all of the negative symptoms by getting treatment right away. You can stop your brain from producing endorphins, but you can also turn them back on, which is part of the rehabilitation process.

Ending Your Addiction

Your addiction is primarily based upon the fact that you have formed a dependency upon meeting the opiates to replace the endorphins that are no longer being produced. By removing the opiates from the equation, your body will naturally be set. There are some medications that can help with this process, as well as natural remedies. After several weeks, or perhaps longer, you will start to feel normal once again as your body begins to produce endorphins without the need of internal or external stimulation.

Finding a treatment center is not that hard to do. You can usually find one on the web. Your doctor can recommend one if you need one right away. You can also get the help that you need from a variety of other sources such as support groups that can help with your addiction.