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Why It Is Important To Purchase E-Cigs Made In The USA

103961704E cigs came from China a little over a decade ago. At first, contents of e liquids were unregulated, and there were a number of startling ingredients included. Today, the vast majority  of e cigs still come from China; however, production standards have risen, and a number of good e cig manufacturers produce e liquid in pharmaceutical like settings with excellent quality control in place; however, this is not always the case.

The only way of being certain of the contents of your e liquid is to purchase from a United States based company that adheres to US pharmaceutical standards and uses only Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved ingredients.

While electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved, the safer choices in ingredients for e liquid are. They consist of purified water, propylene glycol prepared for use in food or vegetable glycerin, flavorings prepared for use in food and pure nicotine of a pharmaceutical quality.

Only US based manufacturers that produce their own e liquids under strictly controlled conditions can guarantee this level of purity. The very best US based e cig and e liquid suppliers offer customers the option of looking up batch ingredients online. This is a valuable option that is extremely helpful to concerned consumers.

Electronic cigarettes can, indeed, be a safer smoking alternative to adults who already smoke and wish to save money and avoid the thousands of carcinogens and toxins present in tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, electronic cigarettes are a more environmentally friendly choice than tobacco cigarettes because the components of e cigs can be recycled. Tobacco cigarettes simply produce tons of toxic waste around the world each year.

The very best way to avoid consuming e liquid that contains unregulated ingredients is to purchase e cigarettes and e liquids only from well-established, US based suppliers.