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Common Questions About Rehab That Loved Ones Ask

479408986When a loved one has a substance abuse problem, the desire to support efforts to get clean is there. What is not so clear is what to expect from the rehabilitation program. Here are some examples of the more common questions about rehab and what loved ones can expect.

How Long Will It Take?

Rehabilitation is a process that will take as long as it takes. Depending on the severity of the addiction and the general physical condition of the addict, it may be possible to complete the initial program in as little as a month. Other patients may require additional time. Since the focus is on stabilizing the addict and providing the resources needed to learn to control the addiction, thinking in terms of progress rather than time is the best approach.

Is the Patient Cured?

When it comes to questions about rehab, many people will ask about the cure. In fact, there is no such thing as a cure. The addict is never cured in the same sense that a broken leg heals. What does happen is the addict learns how to control the addiction. The alcoholic is still an alcoholic, but now is able to resist the temptation to take a drink.

Can the Family Visit?

At some point in the process, loved ones will be able to visit with the addict. The contact is allowed when and as the counselors determine spending time with those loved ones is in the best interest of the person going through the program. Be patient and know that the day will come when it is possible to start repairing relationships.

How Much Will the Program costs?

Any drug or alcohol rehabilitation program will involve some type of cost. There are effective programs that will cost no more than a few thousand per month. More intensive programs will cost more. Keep in mind that health insurance will help settle a large share of the cost. The important thing is to concentrate on getting clean and developing the skills to stay that way.

For anyone who loves a person with a drug or alcohol addiction and wants to help, follow us and learn more about what can be done, especially after the addict decides help is desirable. With time, patience, and love, the potential for the addict to be in control once again and stay that way is definitely there.


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Opiate Detoxification At New Beginnings Recovery Center

Opiate detoxification is a medically controlled process of eliminating the dependence on opiates. Opiates stupefy human senses in such a way that they create false sense of contentment or a painless state. Therefore, substances containing opium are used as pain relievers and may have addictive tendencies. This kind of detoxification, when done medically, will reduce the effects of the withdrawal hence minimizing chances of relapse.

Opiate Detox

New Beginnings Recovery Center has a traditional detox program for weaning a patient off these opiates. The program includes the use of alternative medicine to curb the use of opium related drugs. Further, Naltrexone is employed to minimize the patient’s craving. The aim of the program is to restore the patient’s health and reduce the over-reliance on these addictive drugs. The use of supplements, amino acids and target vitamins is used to provide whatever the body lacked during the addiction period.

Opiate detox may be provided in a variety of ways. The outpatient program combines the use of unique regimes for every patient, the comfort of the patients and the use of qualified staff. The treatment used for any patient is designed specifically to meet their needs. The staff also has great experience gained from successful treatment of many patients. The medication used has been tested and proven to work therefore it is very effective.

Counseling Programs

Counseling is an important part of any opiate detox program. Group or individual therapies are the two forms of counseling offered. The patient selects the option that they are comfortable with. The sessions may run consecutively with the detox program or may be attended after the program. Besides this, NBRC follows up on all of their patients and in instances where the patient has any other mental disorder, psychiatric services are provided. Whenever a patient joins the Center, they have the option of getting all other manifesting disorders treated concurrently with the addiction problem. This is done after a thorough evaluation by a panel of certified psychiatrist.

Another Option

An integrative detoxification which is a hybrid of Complimentary Alternative Medicine and the traditionally used detox therapies is also offered. The rate of healing is higher with this program due to brain restoration. The level of manifestation of the withdrawal symptoms is also lower. New Beginnings Recovery Center has a number of programs that are suited for people who need fast recovery from addiction.

You Can Recover

There are so many other things that New Beginnings Recovery Center has to offer. The success of the recovery is however determined by the commitment of the patient and they support they get from their family and friends. Comfort during the detox process is also necessary to minimize relapse chances. The care granted to patients is top rated and thus there is a high chance of recovery at New Beginnings Recovery Center. Do not wallow in self-pity when you have an option. Visit New Beginnings Recovery Center and learn more about how we can help you recover.

Are You Ready To Begin The Road To Recovery? New Beginnings Recovery Center Can Help You Stop Your Addiction:
Outpatient Drug Detox

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Marijuana As A Gateway To Serious Drug Abuse

487444903While many youngsters these days seem to operate on the assumption that because everyone else does it, it is perfectly safe for them to go ahead and try that first joint. Sadly, what may seem like relatively innocent experimentation can often lead to a much bigger problem that is harder to conquer than most people realize.

Though it may well be the case that a first experience with weed may produce little more than a wild experience that forms the basis of a funny story later told to friends, pot really can serve as a gateway to more serious drug abuse issues. The reason for this is that crossing the line into illegal drug use tends to lessen the stigma of trying other, perhaps more addictive substances.

Some might characterize dabbling in marijuana as a teenager as being something of a slippery slope from which it can be difficult to recover one’s footing. When nothing terribly bad happens after smoking a joint or two, young people may be lulled into a false sense of security about the safety of other drugs. Feeling invincible, as most do at this age, kids are frequently tempted to test the waters with drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.

There can be little doubt that drug use and abuse is a dangerous, often deadly road, and all measures possible should be taken to dissuade young people from traveling it. Concerned parents should make every effort to maintain open lines of communication with their kids, get to know their friends and take an interest in their activities and interests. By staying connected in this way, moms and dads stand a much better chance at derailing drug experimentation before it gets out of hand and leads to a much more serious set of problems.

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Getting Treated For Crystal Meth Substance Abuse

469583957There are many people around the world that are having to deal with substance abuse and want to make a change. It can have a life-altering ability on you when it becomes a necessity in order to function. There are countless people who are struggling to deal with this problem and want to find a solution as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the importance from getting under the addiction to meth.

Physical Side Effects

When you are doing substances such as crank, you will start to notice significant side effects as time passes by. These will not relent regardless of what you do and the body will start to require them like it does water.

The physical effects will start with things such as dilated pupils and minor headaches, but start to transcend into harsher concerns. These include things such as blurred vision, irregular heartbeat, and tremors.

You have to find a solution as soon as possible to make sure this does not become a life-long issue that never goes away.

Make sure you do not become another victim of substance abuse. Methamphetamines are always going to cause issues to those who take them and it is pertinent to remain on top of this before you take your own life.


There is nothing more important than getting professional medical help from someone who knows what they are doing. Rehab is the only solution to getting out from under the allure of crystal.

You will be put on a customized program that is designed to take care of the addiction that is present in the body at the time. Get diagnosed as soon as possible to make sure this is not a problem that ends up ruining your life. The allure only lasts for a while.

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How To Get Substance Abuse Treatment

sb10063567ak-001Steroid abuse is generally a problem associated with men.  A man often takes steroids when he wants to bulk up or perform well in athletic challenges.  Unfortunately, roids are addictive and can cause serious damage to the user’s health.

When it is Time to Get Substance Abuse Treatment for Stackers and Other Drugs?

While taking drugs is bad every time, it only becomes a serious problem when drug use interferes with a person’s regular life.  Drug users often become so addicted that they cannot function normally.  This results in them being unable to work.

Eventually, users will distance themselves from their friends and their family.  Some will even turn to crime to pay for their addiction.

At one point or another, the addict will realize that they have a problem and will ask for help.  When this happens, addicts should seek treatment.  It is important to be aware that no type of treatment will be effective if the addict is not open to the idea of getting clean.

There are a few different treatment options available to addicts.  The best is inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment is where an addict checks into rehab and stays there for a specified amount of time.  The first thing they will do in rehab is get the drugs out of their system.

Once the addict has gotten out of the detox stage successfully, he or she will be required to get therapy.  Individual and group therapy will help addicts identify what made them take drugs in the first place.

The therapist will then teach them other ways to deal with the problem.  For instance, if the addict was self-medicating mental illness, the therapist may ask him or her to get cognitive behavior therapy.  The approach taken by inpatient facilities will help addicts get off drugs and stay clean.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment is an Outpatient Treatment Option for Those Who Desperately Need Addiction Treatment, but Are Unable to Treat Their Addictions With a Lengthy Residential Treatment Stay. Find Out More About the Intensive Outpatient Rehab Facility from The Dunes East Hampton:


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Key Aspects of Drug Addiction and Treatment

480354067There are steps that any individual will need to overcome in relation to alcohol or drug addictions.  The first step would be to enroll into a treatment center that specifically deals with chemical dependency, drug and alcohol abuse problems. Here are a few vital elements for effective treatment for drugs and alcohol.

Achievable Goals

One of the most crucial steps in becoming drug free or to abstain from alcohol will be to write down goals that are achievable relating to the individual. Contrary to popular belief, that most addictions are known to be incurable. Millions of individuals overcome addictions worldwide and live fulfilling and productive lives.

The percentage of permanently kicking an alcohol or drug addiction will be significantly higher when the addict chooses a treatment center for rehabilitation purposes.

Period of Treatment

Many addicts have been abusing alcohol or chemical substances for a number of years. It would be hopeless to even think these extremely strong addictions will be reversed within a period of 28 days. Addicts that have started abusing substances from as early as their childhoods will need a significantly extended period of time in order to begin to re-adjust.

However long the addict needs should be spent in alcohol and drug free centers, where the addict can begin to learn about a normal and honest way of living. The re-adjustment period will depend on the addict and how he or she is responding to the treatment and methods used.

Eliminating Substitute Drug Treatment Systems

Certain withdrawals experienced by addicts will require medicinal assistance in the first few days of the adjustment period. However, once the patient has stabilized all drugs and medicines should be eliminated so that the addict can learn and abstain from a life without any chemical crutches.


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Pain Med Addiction and the Recent Increase in Heroin Use and Overdoses

477549621Addiction to pain meds has been recognized as a serious problem for many years. Drugs like Hydrocodone, Oxycodone HCL, and Roxicodone are a huge part of problem with addiction to pain meds. While these drugs can be a true blessing for those with traumatic injuries or authentic chronic pain, they can just as easily become a nightmare for those who are addicted.

Unfortunately, as the FDA and doctors try to implement more stringent controls of these drugs, it also means that people with legitimate medical issues with chronic pain will be negatively affected. Doctors don’t want to deny pain medications to those in pain but drug addicts can be very convincing actors and can use multiple tactics such as doctor-shopping or faking an injury to obtain pain meds from the emergency room at the local hospital.

The tighter controls on these pain meds have had serious effect on the world of those addicted to opioids. As the drugs become harder to obtain, their street price goes up and addicts are left to either engage in riskier behavior to obtain them or to turn to a cheaper option for feeding their addiction. Unfortunately that option has become heroin.

Heroin is now easier to obtain and is cheaper than the costs of obtaining pain meds on the streets. While to pain med addict may just use heroin when they can’t get their pain meds, before long they become addicted to heroin. Because heroin is unreliable in the purity and strength, the effects of it can be unpredictable.

This is why there has been a sharp increase of heroin overdoses in the past few years and the trend shown no sign of slowing down. Although heroin can be snorted, it can also be injected and that brings many additional risks such as hepatitis, deadly infections, or even HIV.

So if you ever wondered how many heroin addicts ever get started down the path of heroin addiction, now you know.