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Mixing Heroin And Alcohol Is An Invitation For Death


Heroin alone has incredibly intense side effects that could possibly result in death, but when this opiate is mixed with alcohol, the results are intensified. The central nervous system depressing alcohol greatly intensifies the effect of the illegal pain killer, heroin, making an overdose much more likely.

The side effects of heroin and alcohol are incredibly intensified when the drugs are paired with each other. The pairing gives a sense or relaxation and euphoria that is the reason addicts and abusers combine these two drugs.

While the initial high that one receives while taking heroin while under the influence of alcohol might be a short-lived enjoyable feeling, the two drugs interact in a deadly way. With alcohol and heroin, you are mixing a sedative and opiate, which can lead to loss of coordination and trouble concentrating. This combination is incredibly dangerous as you could easily take a fall or accidentally hurt yourself when attempting even simple movements. Other side effects that are common when mixing these two drugs include loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, and slowed or irregular heart rate. In some cases, the combination has even led to breathing completely halting.

Not only are the side effects of the combining of these two drugs strengthened, so are the chances of an overdose or alcohol poisoning. Any drug that affects your central nervous system will affect your tolerance for alcohol. If you are still attempting to drink large quantities as you might be used to under the influence of heroin, you are much more likely to succumb to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol also intensifies the effects of heroin. The more intense the effects on your mind, the more intense the effects on your body, thus resulting in a possibly deadly overdose.

If you are mixing heroin and alcohol, you are inviting death to your party. This is an incredibly dangerous combination. While the initial high might be fleetingly euphoric, the side effects are incredibly dangerous. The chance of an overdose on these drugs is also increased when you combine them.

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Why Shrooms And Hallucinogens Are Mentally Dangerous

87168769Taking a drug that comes from the earth may not seem to present as much danger to the mind as one that is synthesized in a lab, but this is not the case. Did you know that by taking drugs that alter your state of mind and that make you hallucinate you could damage your brain for life? It is true, mind altering drugs can cause your body a great deal of change. One of the biggest changes that can occur is your mood, you could slip into a depression that is inescapable.

Being addicted to hallucinogens is possible, and it happens more frequently than you would think. The more you abuse these type of drugs the more likely you are to rely on them in general. Think about that if you are someone who frequently takes these types of drugs. It is possible to be addicted to any type of substance, no matter where it comes from. What is more important is that you do not alter your brain chemistry. Should you damage your brain’s ability to process information and to produce endorphins and become happy it is going to be difficult for you to function normally.

Seeking help when you feel you have an addiction to hallucinogens such as shrooms is a smart idea if you feel you are addicted. Consider finding a way to cleanse your body and mind from being addicted to any drug, no matter what it does to your body. When you are able to function without the need to rely on drugs then it is good for your overall health. All it takes is one phone call and you can make a drastic change for the better to your life, so make a positive change and feel good about your drug-free future.

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Morphine Derivatives And Addiction – Stop Your Addiction This Year

Getting addicted to any type of drug is actually very easy, just depends on the type of drug you’re taking, and how much you are actually taking that drug everyday. Your ability to stop taking codeine, Tylenol with codeine, or any type of opioids and morphine derivatives depends upon two specific factors that we will now discuss.

How Much Are You Being Prescribed

The amount of your prescription will play a role in how long it will take in order to end your addiction. If you have the lowest dose possible, it’s going to take you only a few weeks to get clean, whereas if you are taking the strongest drugs which include Percocet, morphine pills, or something similar, the dosage is going to be so strong that it will be difficult for you to stop using them until you go through enough therapy.

How Long Have You Been Taking It

If you had just gotten out of surgery, you will probably only have a prescription for a couple weeks of these types of narcotics. During that time, it is virtually impossible for you to develop an addiction as your receptors attach to your central nervous system will simply snap back to normal once you have finished the bottle. However, if you have been taking these drugs for quite some time, you could be facing a battle which will include withdrawals that can be quite significant.

Once you have found a rehabilitation center in your area that you can frequent, or check into, in order to get the help that you need, it should only take you a few weeks with the help of professionals that are going to help you get through the withdrawals. Once done, you will be able to stop using these drugs and get your life back on track again.

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Stop Robotripping – Ways To Not Use Dextromethorphan

528767841If you have ever been to your local super market and picked up a bottle of Robitussin to help with a That you can’t seem to kick, if you have ever taken too much of it, you may have experienced side effects similar to what most other dissociative anesthetics will produce. The effects can be quite stimulating, causing you to have distorted bodily perceptions, a sense that you have lost time, or feeling like you are out of body. The hallucinogenic properties of this drug are only possible when you take excessive amounts of it which is why so many people buy it on the street. Here are the side effects of dextromethorphan that cause you to do the robo, and ways to stop your addiction to the experiences that it creates.

What Dextromethorphan Actually Does In Your Body

As with most dissociative hallucinogens, these drugs affect your an MDA receptors. The drug can cause similar effects as to what is found in phencyclidine. Aside from the strange perceptions that you will have, and the feeling of the rush of energy, you will also develop other side effects that may not be as likable. These could be nervousness, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and even closed eye hallucinations. Let’s look at how you can end your addiction right away to doing the Robo by seeking treatment in the appropriate places.

End Your Addiction To Cold Medicines

The first step of the process is to stop taking this drug right away, whether you are buying it at the store, or on the street. Second, is to not interact with people that you do this with because that will get you back on the proverbial wagon. Third, you can go to a clinic that will allow you to stop using this buy weaning you of this substance. After a period of a few weeks, you should be able to stop using it, and end your days of Robotripping.

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Opiate Detoxification At New Beginnings Recovery Center

Opiate detoxification is a medically controlled process of eliminating the dependence on opiates. Opiates stupefy human senses in such a way that they create false sense of contentment or a painless state. Therefore, substances containing opium are used as pain relievers and may have addictive tendencies. This kind of detoxification, when done medically, will reduce the effects of the withdrawal hence minimizing chances of relapse.

Opiate Detox

New Beginnings Recovery Center has a traditional detox program for weaning a patient off these opiates. The program includes the use of alternative medicine to curb the use of opium related drugs. Further, Naltrexone is employed to minimize the patient’s craving. The aim of the program is to restore the patient’s health and reduce the over-reliance on these addictive drugs. The use of supplements, amino acids and target vitamins is used to provide whatever the body lacked during the addiction period.

Opiate detox may be provided in a variety of ways. The outpatient program combines the use of unique regimes for every patient, the comfort of the patients and the use of qualified staff. The treatment used for any patient is designed specifically to meet their needs. The staff also has great experience gained from successful treatment of many patients. The medication used has been tested and proven to work therefore it is very effective.

Counseling Programs

Counseling is an important part of any opiate detox program. Group or individual therapies are the two forms of counseling offered. The patient selects the option that they are comfortable with. The sessions may run consecutively with the detox program or may be attended after the program. Besides this, NBRC follows up on all of their patients and in instances where the patient has any other mental disorder, psychiatric services are provided. Whenever a patient joins the Center, they have the option of getting all other manifesting disorders treated concurrently with the addiction problem. This is done after a thorough evaluation by a panel of certified psychiatrist.

Another Option

An integrative detoxification which is a hybrid of Complimentary Alternative Medicine and the traditionally used detox therapies is also offered. The rate of healing is higher with this program due to brain restoration. The level of manifestation of the withdrawal symptoms is also lower. New Beginnings Recovery Center has a number of programs that are suited for people who need fast recovery from addiction.

You Can Recover

There are so many other things that New Beginnings Recovery Center has to offer. The success of the recovery is however determined by the commitment of the patient and they support they get from their family and friends. Comfort during the detox process is also necessary to minimize relapse chances. The care granted to patients is top rated and thus there is a high chance of recovery at New Beginnings Recovery Center. Do not wallow in self-pity when you have an option. Visit New Beginnings Recovery Center and learn more about how we can help you recover.

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The War On Drugs Is Doing Well In The Battle Over Opium

As the war on drugs continues, and the authorities find new ways to track and find the shipment of drugs, the cartels keep finding new ways to thwart them. The battle against drugs has been going on for decades. You would think that some countries, such as the UK, which is surrounded by the sea, would have got a handle on it by now, but this is not the case. Regardless of the country, and how good the authorities are, enough drugs always get through to feed the demand.

This does not mean that the authorities are failing in their duty. It is important to point out that seizures of opiates have been increasing year on year, and this has prevented millions of dollars worth of drugs from getting on the streets. A lot of money is spent every year on drug detection, so it is good to know that the authorities are having some success. In fact, countries that used to have drug export and importation as a low priority, have now dramatically improved the way that they operate. Some countries in Asia have gone from low detection rates, to high, and those caught smuggling are given stiff jail sentences.

Opium has for years been a drug that has been hunted by the authorities, although success depends on demand, which fluctuates each year as some drugs fall out of favor, and others increase in demand. Although there are politicians who call for illegal drugs to be made legal, these are in a minority. It would take a major politic swing in the future for the current drug policies to change. The good news for the authorities is that with new technology, and more trained dogs, detection rates are likely to increase in the future.

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The Dangers Of A Painkiller Addiction

Recovering From Pain Med Addiction

Hundreds of thousands of people are now addicted to prescription pain meds. Many people who are addicted to potent painkillers, like hydrocodone and Oxycodone HCL, developed their addictions after using prescription pain meds legitimately for an injury and enjoying the “high” such meds gave them. Others turn to potent painkillers in an attempt to deal with their stressful lives and before they know it they have a fully blown addiction.

The Dangers Of A Pain Pill Addiction

Taking pain meds on a regular basis can cause long term damage to the body. Often the damage caused to the body by the regular use of pain meds can be irreversible. What’s more, the body can build up a tolerance to pain meds. This means if a person who is addicted to such meds fails ills or suffers an injury that requires the use of pain meds, the prescribed meds may not work, or a very high dosage of the meds may be required in order for the person to experience any type of pain relief. Worse still is the fact that many doctors will stop prescribing drugs to a patient if they suspect a pain med addiction. This often results in an addict resorting to acquiring their pills from questionable sources.

Recovering From A Pain Med Addiction

Recovery from an addiction to pain meds can be tough and addicts are generally advised to undergo a detox under professional medical supervision. Checking into a privately run detox facility is arguably the best way to overcome an addiction to pain meds like hydrocodone, but many addicts don’t have the luxury of having any spare cash around to fund a stay in rehab. Some sufferers try to overcome their painkiller addiction by themselves by trying to gradually taper down their usage of the potent drugs. Unfortunately, tapering can be difficult and going “cold turkey” and enduring the painful withdrawal symptoms is often the only way for a person to get off prescription pain meds for good.