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Common 2015 Colorado DUI Penalties


Motorists in the Centennial State may be found guilty of driving under the influence if their blood-alcohol levels reach or surpass .08 percent. The 2015 Colorado DUI penalties include considerable fines, up to a year in prison and long-term license suspensions.


As part of its “zero tolerance” policy, this state applies somewhat different rules when it prosecutes intoxicated motorists under 21. If these individuals have blood-alcohol concentrations of at least .02 percent, the authorities automatically revoke their licenses.


When they operate motor vehicles, all drivers in Colorado automatically give the police consent to perform alcohol tests. Law enforcement personnel have the right to conduct tests when they have any suspicion that someone is driving while intoxicated. If motorists refuse these tests, they lose their licenses for one to three years.


A lesser violation occurs when Coloradans over 21 “drive with ability impaired” and have .05 to .07 percent blood-alcohol levels. The initial DWAI conviction results in maximum penalties of six months in prison, eight traffic violation points, a $500 fine and community service for 48 hours.

First DUI

When a person is convicted of driving under the influence for the first time, he or she must pay a fine of at least $600. The top penalty is $1,000. Prison sentences range from five to 365 days, but courts may suspend them. Community service and violation points also apply.

Second DUI

If a driver commits the same offense twice, it results in a jail sentence of three to 12 months. The penalties also include a fine between $1,000 and $1,500, a 12-month suspension of the offender’s license, 12 violation points and community service for as many as 120 hours.

Third DUI

The punishments for a third offense are similar. They consist of 70 to 365 days in jail, a 24-month license suspension, 12 points, extensive community service and up to $1,500 in fines. Ignition interlock equipment is required to reinstate a driver’s license.

The 2015 Colorado DUI penalties provide a major incentive to walk home or call a taxi after drinking. They impose particularly harsh consequences for people who repeatedly operate vehicles while they remain intoxicated. This helps to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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Mixing Heroin And Alcohol Is An Invitation For Death


Heroin alone has incredibly intense side effects that could possibly result in death, but when this opiate is mixed with alcohol, the results are intensified. The central nervous system depressing alcohol greatly intensifies the effect of the illegal pain killer, heroin, making an overdose much more likely.

The side effects of heroin and alcohol are incredibly intensified when the drugs are paired with each other. The pairing gives a sense or relaxation and euphoria that is the reason addicts and abusers combine these two drugs.

While the initial high that one receives while taking heroin while under the influence of alcohol might be a short-lived enjoyable feeling, the two drugs interact in a deadly way. With alcohol and heroin, you are mixing a sedative and opiate, which can lead to loss of coordination and trouble concentrating. This combination is incredibly dangerous as you could easily take a fall or accidentally hurt yourself when attempting even simple movements. Other side effects that are common when mixing these two drugs include loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, and slowed or irregular heart rate. In some cases, the combination has even led to breathing completely halting.

Not only are the side effects of the combining of these two drugs strengthened, so are the chances of an overdose or alcohol poisoning. Any drug that affects your central nervous system will affect your tolerance for alcohol. If you are still attempting to drink large quantities as you might be used to under the influence of heroin, you are much more likely to succumb to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol also intensifies the effects of heroin. The more intense the effects on your mind, the more intense the effects on your body, thus resulting in a possibly deadly overdose.

If you are mixing heroin and alcohol, you are inviting death to your party. This is an incredibly dangerous combination. While the initial high might be fleetingly euphoric, the side effects are incredibly dangerous. The chance of an overdose on these drugs is also increased when you combine them.

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How To Stop Alcohol Abuse In Your Life – Rehab Centers Near You


Are you currently suffering from alcohol abuse in your life? If you are, this is a condition that millions of people also currently share. The inability to stop drinking is something that plagues a large percentage of adults around the world, and this problem is getting worse. If you are not able to control your alcohol intake, it is possible that you may need to get professional help. Here are some tips on trying to end your addiction to alcohol, and how to find rehab centers in your area that can help you get control of your life once again.

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

If you do suffer from alcohol abuse, there are some symptoms that you probably have. You may wake up in the morning, take a drink or two in the morning, before you start your day. You may also find yourself drinking in the afternoon, and in the evening, the way that you deal with your life. Without the buzz, you will become irritable, unsociable, and act like a completely different person. If this is a description of your life, and the way that you drink alcohol every day, you will need to get help right away from a rehabilitation center.

What Is Alcohol Abuse Treatments About?

If you believe that you are alcoholic, you can find an alcohol abuse treatment center for alcoholism in your area. Simply use the Internet to find this information, contact the company nearest you, and you will be able to get the help that you need. This will allow you to get your life back on track, and stop your drinking, something that many people need to take advantage of if they are unable to stop drinking alcohol every day.

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Locating Top Notch Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers In Your Community


Do you currently have an alcohol problem?

Do you find it difficult to function throughout the day without having a drink multiple times a day just to survive. If you do, this is a clear sign that you probably have an alcohol problem, one that keeps you focused upon when the next time you will be able to have a drink. If you work during the day, you will probably not drink, but during the evening hours, you will definitely unwind.

Unwinding probably has to do with drinking too much alcohol, leaving you with a massive hangover, and also internal problems that develop over time. Signs of alcoholism are easy to spot. Here are some alcohol facts that you should know about alcohol addiction and how to find and alcohol abuse treatment center in your area.

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

A clear sign that someone has a problem with alcohol has to do with how they function when they are sober, and also when they are drunk. If a person is an alcoholic, and they have not had a drink in quite some time, they may become very moody and dysfunctional as a result of not having the alcohol buzz.

During the evening hours, the easiest way to determine if someone has a problem with drinking alcohol is to watch them pound down drink after drink until they are incapable of proper speech or movement. If this continues every day, and if this is what is happening to you, you need to find a treatment center as soon as possible.

Getting Treated For Alcohol Abuse

Here are simple ways to find the best treatment centers to help those that abuse alcohol on a regular basis. To get treated for our quality is, you might have to actually check into a rehabilitation clinic that can help you out every day. Having the strength to resist another drink may not be possible for you, which is why these clinics and rehab centers are the best choice for those that suffer with alcoholism.

You can find these companies on the Internet, in the phone book, or get a personal recommendation from someone that you know that has recently recovered. All of these options will lead you to a company that will help you get this problem behind you and start living your life in the proper way.

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Getting Effective Treatment For Alcohol Abuse – Tips You Need

126431443Although most people will associate the use of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or even opiates as addictive substance abuse, alcoholism is also a drug that many people are addicted to, one that is legal, and that is offered at stores across the nation.The ease of use and access makes it very difficult for some people, especially those with a severe problem, to stop using alcohol despite its negative effects.

When used in moderation, it is fine, and actually helpful for your body in some ways, yet with overuse, it can begin to deteriorate your system. Let’s look at the signs of alcoholism, a couple alcohol facts, and what alcohol addiction really means.

Are You Addicted To Alcohol?

Alcohol is a very addicting substance, even though it does not change the way that your central nervous system functions like Valium or Xanax. Although it does relax you, it becomes more addicting in the sense that people believe that, outside of that buzz, they really can’t deal with their own life.

They use it as a crutch to get through the day, instead of trying to work things out. The addiction gets worse the more depressed or angry they feel, leading to more problems. If you can’t get through the day without a drink, you are more than likely addicted to alcohol. Here are some treatment center options to consider.

Find An Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center

Some people will actually use Alcoholics Anonymous or AA In order to help themselves stay dry. Going without alcohol, especially if you have been drinking excessively for many years, is a very difficult process. You will need the help of a support group, or a clinic that can help those with an alcohol problem.

Working with these individuals, or groups, can be a very beneficial event for those that want to stop using alcohol to simply get through their day. Find out more about alcohol abuse treatment centers in your area if you believe that you are addicted to alcohol.

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The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

168723790Alcohol abuse is defined as a medical condition in which the patient cannot refrain from regular alcohol consumption despite its negative effects on the health and on the social life.

Sometimes, alcohol abuse can be assimilated with alcoholism. Binge drinking is another form of this condition and it is defined as the serving of more than five standard drinks in one single session.

There are several effects of alcohol abuse. Individuals are unable to work and they have troubles in managing their interpersonal relationships. They may even put themselves in dangerous situations, for instance when operating heavy machines or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol abuse has both short term and long term negative effects. Binge drinkers can become violent, they can get involved in fights ans all kids of injuries, as well as in other silly things that lead to social and financial problems.

Chronic fatigue, insomnia and irritability are only a few of the symptoms experienced by people who abuse drinking regularly. In time, alcohol consumption may lead to acute liver failure or cirrhosis, both killer conditions which are impossible to treat while set.

Alcohol has neurotoxic effects on the brain, therefore the cognitive abilities suffer as a consequence of alcohol abuse. Brain damage is permanent, therefore even if the drinker stops, he won’t be able to recover 100%, so he’ll have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. This is what makes alcohol abuse extremely dangerous for adolescents, as their brain is in the formation stage. Its development is stopped too early, therefore they are going to become  adults with severe cognitive problems. They are going to have troubles in leading a normal and fulfilled life. Many of them are also at a very high risk of suicide.

As a conclusion, it is important to detect the early symptoms of alcohol abuse and prevent the condition from worsening. Specialized treatment is a must, but it can only be possible if there is awareness of the problem in the first place.

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How To Recognize Alcohol Abuse

476364163It is often difficult be able to tell when you or a loved one has moved from enjoying a drink or two, to alcohol abuse. There are certain things you can look out for, but it at times it may be a challenge to recognize them. The signs of alcohol abuse may vary slightly from person to person, but there are certain warning signs that are common to almost everyone.

There are a lot of factors involved in the causes of alcohol abuse, and these will also vary according to the individual, with most people having a combination of causes. Some of these may be genetics, family environment, emotional health and certain mental health conditions. If you have a predisposition to alcohol and drug abuse, it is important to be hyper-vigilant to the signs.

If you have any doubt at all, it’s best to see your doctor. Some of the signs are feeling guilty or ashamed after you’ve been drinking, lying to your loved ones about whether you’ve been drinking, or how much you drink, needing to drink alcohol in order to relax, feel better, or even just cope.

Experiencing any of these signs means you should seek alcohol abuse treatment as soon as possible. The earlier you go and seek help, the better. Visit your doctor first, and tell them your concerns. Make sure you are completely honest with your doctor since they won’t be able to help you effectively if there is information missing. Remember, your doctor is there to help you and support you, not to judge.

Make sure you have a friend you can confide in. If you don’t have anyone you trust, try a priest or social worker, or call a help line. The alcohol treatment that is available these days is better than it’s ever been before, so it’s well worth finding help as soon as possible.

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