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The Different Types Of Motivations For Seeking Recovery


Addiction can is often difficult to recover from because the draw is so strong. Individuals suffering from them need all the help they can get from their loved ones. However, external help can only go so far. Many friends and family can feel frustrated after their attempts at assistance fails. Understanding the motivations behind successful recovery will allow loved ones to evaluate the situation and develop more effective ways to persuade the patient to change for the better.


The best way for anyone to recover is to find an internal motivation. A drive that comes from within is a light that can guide a person through the darkest times. The trick is for them to find its source. This can be difficult for someone who is dealing with emotional, physical and mental issues due to the addiction but it is not impossible. Many see their health as the prime motivating factor. When they hit rock bottom, they realize that they want to change their ways and take back their life. They need to become whole again to take control.


Another source of motivation is the consequences if they don’t shape up right away. Addiction can cause a strain in various aspects of life including career and family. When productivity and performance are affected, then a person can be in danger of losing the chance at promotion and may even be let go by the company. The practical side then takes over to drive an earnest attempt at recovery. Strains surrounding the family can hit hard as well especially on an emotional level. The possibility of breaking the family could make someone realize that it’s time to kick the habit for good.

Tough Love

If all attempts have been made to get through to a person and nothing happens, then tough love may be called for to wake them up. Letting go may be the thing that causes them to change. However, this type of motivation must be used carefully so as not to backfire. It uses the primal need for connection to compel the patient to take action towards addiction recovery.


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9 Common Substance-Induced Disorders

Substance abuse triggers symptoms similar to mental illnesses and are known as substance induced disorders. The disorders vary depending on the type and toxins found in the substance. Here are 9 substance induced disorders explained:


This is feelings of confusion, restlessness or hallucination. Alcohol is one substance that when abused will cause delirium symptoms. People who overdose on cocaine or amphetamines may also experience temporal delirium.

Persisting Dementia

One suffers impaired reasoning and in several cases personality changes. Alcohol is one of the known substances that changes people’s behavior and personality, especially when feeling ‘high’. Persisting dementia may also be a present symptom in people abusing cocaine or amphetamines.

Amnestic Disorder

This disorder is manifested as memory loss, loss of the ability to create new memories or learn new information. An individual may suffer temporary amnestic disorder after over indulgence in alcohol. The individual suffers memory loss until dysphoria clears away. It is the same symptom that manifest in individuals doping with amphetamines, cocaine or sedatives.

Psychotic Disorder

People suffering from psychotic disorder lose touch with reality and cannot reason normally. Cocaine abuse is one drug with psychotic disorder symptoms and the victim may go overboard and turn violent. Psychosis may manifest much later in life when an individual becomes heavily hooked on sedatives or alcoholic substances.


Anxiety comes out as too much fear or worrying over something. Anxiety disorders are present in individual hooked on alcohol, caffeine, opioids and sedatives. Anxiety may manifest as an early symptom, especially in caffeine abuse, or may show up later during withdrawal as the case with alcohol, opioids and sedatives.


Moodiness sometimes comes out as depression in other people. Alcohol, nicotine, sedatives and opioids are some of the substances that create this order. The person may lose their mood before taking the drug, after taking the drug, or when suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Hallucinogen Persisting Perceptual Disorder

This disorder affects someone’s visual ability in that they start seeing things that are not real. One may hallucinate when experiencing euphoria or being ‘high’, a symptom common when abusing alcohol, sedatives and opioids.

Sexual Dysfunction

Poor sexual performance may appear in persons heavily abusing alcohol, sedatives or other intoxicating substances.

Sleep Disorder

Abuse of opioids, sedatives and alcohol will trigger sleep disorder and restlessness when the problem is not controlled in time.

These are some of the common substance-induced disorders often confused as mental illness. Note that symptoms of the substance-induced disorders ranges from mild anxiety and depression to full-blown psychotic reactions.

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Mixing Heroin And Alcohol Is An Invitation For Death


Heroin alone has incredibly intense side effects that could possibly result in death, but when this opiate is mixed with alcohol, the results are intensified. The central nervous system depressing alcohol greatly intensifies the effect of the illegal pain killer, heroin, making an overdose much more likely.

The side effects of heroin and alcohol are incredibly intensified when the drugs are paired with each other. The pairing gives a sense or relaxation and euphoria that is the reason addicts and abusers combine these two drugs.

While the initial high that one receives while taking heroin while under the influence of alcohol might be a short-lived enjoyable feeling, the two drugs interact in a deadly way. With alcohol and heroin, you are mixing a sedative and opiate, which can lead to loss of coordination and trouble concentrating. This combination is incredibly dangerous as you could easily take a fall or accidentally hurt yourself when attempting even simple movements. Other side effects that are common when mixing these two drugs include loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, and slowed or irregular heart rate. In some cases, the combination has even led to breathing completely halting.

Not only are the side effects of the combining of these two drugs strengthened, so are the chances of an overdose or alcohol poisoning. Any drug that affects your central nervous system will affect your tolerance for alcohol. If you are still attempting to drink large quantities as you might be used to under the influence of heroin, you are much more likely to succumb to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol also intensifies the effects of heroin. The more intense the effects on your mind, the more intense the effects on your body, thus resulting in a possibly deadly overdose.

If you are mixing heroin and alcohol, you are inviting death to your party. This is an incredibly dangerous combination. While the initial high might be fleetingly euphoric, the side effects are incredibly dangerous. The chance of an overdose on these drugs is also increased when you combine them.

If You Need Help With Addiction And Would Like To Learn More About Drug Abuse And Treatment, There Are Christian Options:

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The Risk Of Levamisole In Tainted Cocaine

185050374The dangers of cocaine have always been present and known to many, especially today, with the Internet providing useful information on virtually any worthwhile subject. Cocaine is highly addictive, which can have a huge impact on a user’s life, and at higher doses, can cause sudden cardiac death. The deaths resulting from cocaine use almost doubled in 2013 when compared to 1990. Recreational use of this drug continues to grow worldwide, regardless of the fact that it is illegal in most countries.

With cocaine illegally entering countries, there aren’t any safety regulations in place regarding its contents, and as such, could be “cut” with any substance the manufacturers chooses. Cocaine is rarely ever sold in its purest form, meaning it’s “cut” for greater profits, each time it exchanges dealers’ hands. This puts users at a greater risk than they could ever imagine, as the more recent intercepted cocaine shipments seized by the U.S. and British governments have proved. Approximately 80% of the cocaine seized contained Levamisole, a veterinary drug used in deworming cattle! It’s inexpensive and readily available in cocaine-producing countries, like Columbia, making it the choice-cutting substance. Levamisole can cause skin rotting, and it inhibits the production of white blood cells, which reduces the body’s ability to fight infection and disease, much like HIV.

While the dangers of hard drugs always existed, occasional use was often accepted in many circles, and there are even times when certain drugs are “in style.” Cocaine experienced its peak in the 70s and 80s, being the drug of choice, even among the top celebrities. Other varieties of cocaine were created thereafter, each with its own set of dangers and risks. Today’s risks make cocaine use a greater gamble. Days after use, the Levamisole-cut cocaine has caused the skin of noses, ears, and even cheeks to rot. This ultimately has unwanted, flesh-eating side effects, which were evident in victims who demonstrated dark purple patches on their skin.

There will always be dangers associated with cocaine, and other illegally produced drugs, which should convince people to steer clear of them if they value their lives.

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How To Stop Your Addiction To Black Tar Fast

If anyone has ever bought heroin on the street, you know the name is called Black tar. That’s because it is dark in color, and highly expensive, not to mention extremely addicting. Derived from poppy seeds, it is a very dangerous and potent drug that can make you addicted just like all other opiate drugs can. The effect of mu receptors in your brain, and with his potency, not only is it dangerous for you to take, but you could become a lifelong addict. Here is a simple way that you can stop taking smack and get yourself clean fast.

Why Heroin Is So Addicting

By affecting the mu receptors in your brain, it causes them to expect more stimulation. You become used to the rush that you get, the amount of endorphins and other happy hormones that people absolutely love, but your body also becomes addicted to. So when you are taking junk on a regular basis, you can soon find yourself unable to stop. You will do anything to get the money for your next hit, and if you can’t, you will go through horrible withdrawals. That’s why you need to check into a treatment center to get the help that you need. Here is how you can find them very quickly in your immediate area.

Addiction Treatment For Heroin

All you have to do is check into a treatment center that handles drugs that are extreme. Cocaine, opiate addictions, and heroin are definitely at the top of the list, all of which require special forms of treatment and service to help people through the withdrawals. Once you are done sweating, shaking, vomiting, and everything else that comes with getting over this addiction, you will be able to start living your life again drug-free.

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Recent Alcohol Abuse Statistics Show More People Drinking At Home Than Ever Before


Although alcohol has been prevalent in society for decades, it was not until the last couple of decades that its price dropped dramatically. Being able to buy two liters of an alcoholic drink for less than the price of a big bar of chocolate has led to a lot of people drinking at home. Even though various ways have been discussed by governments about price control, nothing has ever come of it as many problems exist. Due to the amount of competition in the marketplace at the moment, prices are unlikely to rise any time soon.

With alcoholic drinks being so cheap, it has meant that having one too many has become much easier than ever before. It also means that when people have a few drinks in the evening at home, they seldom realize how much it is that they are drinking. Alcohol abuse does not just include people that are alcoholics. Recent alcohol abuse statistics have shown that more individuals are drinking well over the weekly recommended limit than at any other previous time. These are now alcohol abuse facts, and yet it seems impossible to change the current trend.

One of the main issues with people drinking at home is that it is difficult to get accurate statistics, so those that are available probably underestimate the problem. Even if the trend stopped today, the problems this kind of drinking produces will continue for a long time. Most people know the health risks with drinking too much over a long period, but few at home drinkers just having a few glasses each night do not realize the health problems it can cause. Alcohol is not a problem when used properly, and guidelines can be found online.

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Getting Off Of Black Tar – Get Treatment Right Away

479017915Thousands of people around the world become addicted to a drug called heroin. Otherwise known as Black tar, smack, junk, and many other names, it is a derivative of opiates and poppy seeds. Once you start to take it, it will begin to change certain receptors in your brain that will make you more addicted than ever before. It has the ability to interact with your central nervous system, and once it does, the stimulation that it provides will never be enough. You will have to continue their addiction by doing everything that you can to get this very expensive narcotic. On top of the fact that it is illegal unless it is used in a medical setting, it is very dangerous for your health. Here is what heroin continue, and also how you can get off of this drug by using an addiction treatment center.

How Heroin Affects Your Body

Heroin is morphine, synthesized specifically from Asian opium or poppy plants. When you see it on the street, it may be very black were sticky, which is where it gets the name Black tar. Other times people line it up, and snort it, getting an immediate rush. By affecting the brain’s opioid receptors, you will definitely feel good for a short period of time, but then the withdrawals will kick in. This is why so many people have trouble getting over heroin because of the sweating, diffuse pain, and trembling that accompanies the recovery time. Here’s how you can find a heroin rehab center that can help you get off of this in just a few weeks.

Addiction Treatment For Heroin

If you have just recently started taking this drug, it is possible to stop using it within a few weeks. If you have been using it for a couple years, you will have to go through severe withdrawal symptoms which almost always requires you admitted yourself into a treatment center. After you have gone through the withdrawals, which can last several weeks, you will be able to reset your opioid receptors in your brain, and you will no longer be addicted to this drug.