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The Different Types Of Motivations For Seeking Recovery

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Addiction can is often difficult to recover from because the draw is so strong. Individuals suffering from them need all the help they can get from their loved ones. However, external help can only go so far. Many friends and family can feel frustrated after their attempts at assistance fails. Understanding the motivations behind successful recovery will allow loved ones to evaluate the situation and develop more effective ways to persuade the patient to change for the better.


The best way for anyone to recover is to find an internal motivation. A drive that comes from within is a light that can guide a person through the darkest times. The trick is for them to find its source. This can be difficult for someone who is dealing with emotional, physical and mental issues due to the addiction but it is not impossible. Many see their health as the prime motivating factor. When they hit rock bottom, they realize that they want to change their ways and take back their life. They need to become whole again to take control.


Another source of motivation is the consequences if they don’t shape up right away. Addiction can cause a strain in various aspects of life including career and family. When productivity and performance are affected, then a person can be in danger of losing the chance at promotion and may even be let go by the company. The practical side then takes over to drive an earnest attempt at recovery. Strains surrounding the family can hit hard as well especially on an emotional level. The possibility of breaking the family could make someone realize that it’s time to kick the habit for good.

Tough Love

If all attempts have been made to get through to a person and nothing happens, then tough love may be called for to wake them up. Letting go may be the thing that causes them to change. However, this type of motivation must be used carefully so as not to backfire. It uses the primal need for connection to compel the patient to take action towards addiction recovery.


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