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Recent Alcohol Abuse Statistics Show More People Drinking At Home Than Ever Before


Although alcohol has been prevalent in society for decades, it was not until the last couple of decades that its price dropped dramatically. Being able to buy two liters of an alcoholic drink for less than the price of a big bar of chocolate has led to a lot of people drinking at home. Even though various ways have been discussed by governments about price control, nothing has ever come of it as many problems exist. Due to the amount of competition in the marketplace at the moment, prices are unlikely to rise any time soon.

With alcoholic drinks being so cheap, it has meant that having one too many has become much easier than ever before. It also means that when people have a few drinks in the evening at home, they seldom realize how much it is that they are drinking. Alcohol abuse does not just include people that are alcoholics. Recent alcohol abuse statistics have shown that more individuals are drinking well over the weekly recommended limit than at any other previous time. These are now alcohol abuse facts, and yet it seems impossible to change the current trend.

One of the main issues with people drinking at home is that it is difficult to get accurate statistics, so those that are available probably underestimate the problem. Even if the trend stopped today, the problems this kind of drinking produces will continue for a long time. Most people know the health risks with drinking too much over a long period, but few at home drinkers just having a few glasses each night do not realize the health problems it can cause. Alcohol is not a problem when used properly, and guidelines can be found online.