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Morphine Derivatives And Addiction – Stop Your Addiction This Year

Getting addicted to any type of drug is actually very easy, just depends on the type of drug you’re taking, and how much you are actually taking that drug everyday. Your ability to stop taking codeine, Tylenol with codeine, or any type of opioids and morphine derivatives depends upon two specific factors that we will now discuss.

How Much Are You Being Prescribed

The amount of your prescription will play a role in how long it will take in order to end your addiction. If you have the lowest dose possible, it’s going to take you only a few weeks to get clean, whereas if you are taking the strongest drugs which include Percocet, morphine pills, or something similar, the dosage is going to be so strong that it will be difficult for you to stop using them until you go through enough therapy.

How Long Have You Been Taking It

If you had just gotten out of surgery, you will probably only have a prescription for a couple weeks of these types of narcotics. During that time, it is virtually impossible for you to develop an addiction as your receptors attach to your central nervous system will simply snap back to normal once you have finished the bottle. However, if you have been taking these drugs for quite some time, you could be facing a battle which will include withdrawals that can be quite significant.

Once you have found a rehabilitation center in your area that you can frequent, or check into, in order to get the help that you need, it should only take you a few weeks with the help of professionals that are going to help you get through the withdrawals. Once done, you will be able to stop using these drugs and get your life back on track again.