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Ending Your Addiction To Cold Medications The Easy Way

sad girlWhen people think of individuals that have an addiction to drugs, they are usually thinking about people that are taking illegal narcotics. Individuals that are regularly using drugs like heroin, cocaine, or even marijuana typically come to mind when the word addiction is used in conjunction with people that are considered to be junkies. There are other drugs, however, that are not as addicting, or at least the addiction that people have is not actually the result of chemical changes within the body.

People become addicted to the experiences that they have when they are able to use drugs that are commonly available at your local super market. This article will address, a drug that is readily available and cold medicines today. This form of substance abuse is also referred to as Robotripping, and is the result of using excessive amounts of this dissociative hallucinogen.

Doing The Robo

You have probably heard of the phrase doing the Robo, but you may not know exactly what it means. When people use certain cold medicines that have Dextromethorphan in them like Robitussin, people will take this drug in excess in order to experience a certain type of feeling. Just like ketamine, this drug will cause people to have hallucinogenic experiences, causing them to walk and act similar to a robot. Here is how you can get help for this addiction so you will stop using this drug.

Getting Help For This Addiction

The easiest way to stop this addiction is to simply stop using Robitussin or whatever store-bought medication that you are using to cause this effect. If you can’t stop, there are rehabilitation centers that you can contact where professionals can help you stop your addiction over a period of several weeks.

Once you have not used this drug for quite some time, you will no longer be addicted. To ensure that your health is not compromised, do whatever it takes to stop using drugs with dextromethorphan and stopped your Robo tripping.


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What To Do If Someone You Know Is Addicted To Hallucinogens


It can be scary when you realize that someone who you care about is addicted to drugs, especially drugs like hallucinogens. It can be stressful and you might not know what to do. It is important to know that a lot of people run into this issue. They realize a loved one is addicted and they feel lost when it comes to help them or they don’t know what to do about it.

The first thing you should do is bring it up with them. They might not think they have a problem or they might think that they do but don’t want to do anything about it. Find out what it is they want to expect and how you can help them. You might be surprised about what they will say.

If they are willing you can help them check into a treatment center. You can figure out where they can go or help them do it themselves. You can drive them there and be with them while they go in. Just being there for them can go a long way.

If they refuse to get help, there isn’t a lot you can do other than tell them how you feel. It might be something that takes a long time for them to understand. They might think about what you said for weeks before they do anything about it.

It can be hard to stand by while they are addicted and not wanting to do anything about it. It is important to be their support as they might not have anyone else to help. Just be there when you can and do what you can to stand by them every step of the way. They will really need it.

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The War On Drugs Is Doing Well In The Battle Over Opium

As the war on drugs continues, and the authorities find new ways to track and find the shipment of drugs, the cartels keep finding new ways to thwart them. The battle against drugs has been going on for decades. You would think that some countries, such as the UK, which is surrounded by the sea, would have got a handle on it by now, but this is not the case. Regardless of the country, and how good the authorities are, enough drugs always get through to feed the demand.

This does not mean that the authorities are failing in their duty. It is important to point out that seizures of opiates have been increasing year on year, and this has prevented millions of dollars worth of drugs from getting on the streets. A lot of money is spent every year on drug detection, so it is good to know that the authorities are having some success. In fact, countries that used to have drug export and importation as a low priority, have now dramatically improved the way that they operate. Some countries in Asia have gone from low detection rates, to high, and those caught smuggling are given stiff jail sentences.

Opium has for years been a drug that has been hunted by the authorities, although success depends on demand, which fluctuates each year as some drugs fall out of favor, and others increase in demand. Although there are politicians who call for illegal drugs to be made legal, these are in a minority. It would take a major politic swing in the future for the current drug policies to change. The good news for the authorities is that with new technology, and more trained dogs, detection rates are likely to increase in the future.

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Addiction To Pain Meds Like OxyContin Is A Growing Problem


Every day we here about some person committing a crime while attempting to get painkillers because of their addiction to pain meds. These drugs do many good things for us when experience pain, but they can also be very harmful when people take more their prescribed amount. This has led to a rise in drugs like OxyContin where people get so addicted to it that it causes them to commit terrible crimes.

If you suspect someone you know has an addition to oxycodone or some other type of painkiller, it is important that you try to get them to seek help. These drugs when taken over a prolonged period of time can do serious damage to a person’s liver. Although these drugs are prescribed by many doctors because patients need them, it is important to monitor anyone who has been addicted to them in the past.

When people get addicted to pain meds it can become very hard for them to stop. Initially, they get hooked because it is for legitimate reasons which the drugs are used for, but then once the pain goes away, people look to use these pain killers to help them get high.

There is a big problem all over the country with oxycodone, and getting help for it right away is key to success. If you have a family member dealing with addiction to pain meds, it is very important that you are not an enabler of this problem. Be firm and tough when trying to help the patient, otherwise they will never get off these pain meds.

Anyone can get addicted to pain medication especially if they find it easy to obtain the drugs. The best course of action is to make it difficult for anyone to easily obtain these drugs. Know the warning signs so you can inform these people to seek help right away!