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Facts About Cocaine That You Should Know


Cocaine is a well known drug that’s been in existence for quite a long time.

Cocaine is a drug that’s derived from the coca plant. While the first growers of coca used it as a spiritual drug, scientists in the early portion of the 20th century raised the potency of cocaine in their labs, leading to what is now today’s cocaine abuse issue.

If someone offers you cocaine and you’re tempted to take it, just know that the drug is a dangerous. There have been first-time users who died from snorting it. If you’re wondering what caused such deaths, let’s first take look at the side effects of this drug. It causes high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate. In addition, it can cause seizures. So while the drug itself cannot kill you, an increased heart rate and the resulting high blood pressure can cause cardiac arrest.

So said, no matter what you do, you shouldn’t take cocaine, even if you’re curious. The dangers are just too great. And it’s an expensive drug too.

You might not know it, but several famous people used cocaine in the past. President Barack Obama in his book “Dreams From My Father” acknowledged to using drugs in his youth to handle the pain of not being with his father growing up. The president said he used drugs whenever he could afford. Other famous people former users of cocaine include former David Paterson (New York Governor), Rob Ford (Toronto Mayor). Also, there are suspicions that Sarah Palin and George W. Bush also had a cocaine habit.

Cocaine is probably the most well-known abused drug in America, however, just because it is popular, it does NO mean that you should try it, even for curiosity’s sake. Like we said, it’s too dangerous.


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Locating Top Notch Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers In Your Community


Do you currently have an alcohol problem?

Do you find it difficult to function throughout the day without having a drink multiple times a day just to survive. If you do, this is a clear sign that you probably have an alcohol problem, one that keeps you focused upon when the next time you will be able to have a drink. If you work during the day, you will probably not drink, but during the evening hours, you will definitely unwind.

Unwinding probably has to do with drinking too much alcohol, leaving you with a massive hangover, and also internal problems that develop over time. Signs of alcoholism are easy to spot. Here are some alcohol facts that you should know about alcohol addiction and how to find and alcohol abuse treatment center in your area.

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

A clear sign that someone has a problem with alcohol has to do with how they function when they are sober, and also when they are drunk. If a person is an alcoholic, and they have not had a drink in quite some time, they may become very moody and dysfunctional as a result of not having the alcohol buzz.

During the evening hours, the easiest way to determine if someone has a problem with drinking alcohol is to watch them pound down drink after drink until they are incapable of proper speech or movement. If this continues every day, and if this is what is happening to you, you need to find a treatment center as soon as possible.

Getting Treated For Alcohol Abuse

Here are simple ways to find the best treatment centers to help those that abuse alcohol on a regular basis. To get treated for our quality is, you might have to actually check into a rehabilitation clinic that can help you out every day. Having the strength to resist another drink may not be possible for you, which is why these clinics and rehab centers are the best choice for those that suffer with alcoholism.

You can find these companies on the Internet, in the phone book, or get a personal recommendation from someone that you know that has recently recovered. All of these options will lead you to a company that will help you get this problem behind you and start living your life in the proper way.

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Why You Should Be Careful Of Substance Abuse With Ketamine


Have you ever thought about taking ketamine? It is a drug called Vitamin K, or special K as it is known on the streets. This drug is very popular in raves, social gatherings, and a variety of other functions where people like to party and get high. The problem with this drug is that it may be used for underhanded purposes, the date rape drug that we have all heard about. It can also be very addicting because it is a dissociative anesthetic that will keep people coming back for more because of the out of body and lucid dream like experiences that people tend to have. Here are some tips on avoiding ketamine, and where you can get help for your addiction to K if you can’t seem to stop using this very popular recreational drug.

Understanding What Ketamine Does

As mentioned before, this drug is a dissociative anesthetic which means it will produce hallucinogenic effects. People that have taken LSD, PCP, and peyote will have experienced similar effects. Its primary draw is the manipulation of the sounds that you hear and the things that you see. You feel completely disconnected from your body, and everything around you, completely out of control. In most cases, people will pop the little pills that will be in their system within about 30 minutes. Other people that want immediate effects will go for the injectable variety of the drug which is often used as an anesthetic on both animals and humans.

Getting Help For Ketamine Abuse

If you would like to get help for this addiction, there are many choices for you to make. You can contact a professional clinic that can check you in and help you out for several weeks. Regardless of how long you have taken this drug, and what effect it has upon you, you can always be weaned from it over time, and slowly find yourself left wanting to take this hallucinogen whenever you go to a party scene. The choice is up to you, if you really want to stop, because you can always find the help that you need. Hopefully this information will motivate you if you would like to stop using ketamine recreationally.

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All About Crystal Meth


There are many drugs out there today, but few have such devastating effects as a drug known as crystal meth. This drug, which is also called methamphetamine, is a powdered form much like cocaine. It can be ingested or it can be snorted through the nose. Some people with mix it with a liquid and inject it like heroin. Regardless of the way it is taken, meth can be a deadly and devastating drug.

Usually a user of meth will feel invigorated and high upon taking the drug. But soon, this can spiral out of control into anxiety, anger, and even violence. This drug stimulates the central nervous system and is highly addictive. Users can become addicted very quickly and are usually very likely to overdose. People can manufacture this drug in their homes, also known as meth labs by mixing up a variety of different chemicals.

People who have used crystal meth for a long time will experience many devastating effects. Some of these include weight loss, hair falling out, sunken eyes, and skin problems. Most people who use meth for a long period of time become depressed, lethargic, and essentially unable to function. Methamphetamine is a controlled substance which means that anyone caught using, selling or making the drug can face serious charges including jail time.

For people who use the drug in high doses, they can have rapid breathing and heart rate, fever, blurry vision, numbness, paranoid episodes, acne, and low blood pressure to name a few. There have been many documented cases of people dying from a crystal meth overdose. The DEA and other agencies are working hard to combat the manufacture and use of crystal meth. If you think you know or have seen someone making or using the drug, please report it to the authorities.