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The Dangers Of A Painkiller Addiction

Recovering From Pain Med Addiction

Hundreds of thousands of people are now addicted to prescription pain meds. Many people who are addicted to potent painkillers, like hydrocodone and Oxycodone HCL, developed their addictions after using prescription pain meds legitimately for an injury and enjoying the “high” such meds gave them. Others turn to potent painkillers in an attempt to deal with their stressful lives and before they know it they have a fully blown addiction.

The Dangers Of A Pain Pill Addiction

Taking pain meds on a regular basis can cause long term damage to the body. Often the damage caused to the body by the regular use of pain meds can be irreversible. What’s more, the body can build up a tolerance to pain meds. This means if a person who is addicted to such meds fails ills or suffers an injury that requires the use of pain meds, the prescribed meds may not work, or a very high dosage of the meds may be required in order for the person to experience any type of pain relief. Worse still is the fact that many doctors will stop prescribing drugs to a patient if they suspect a pain med addiction. This often results in an addict resorting to acquiring their pills from questionable sources.

Recovering From A Pain Med Addiction

Recovery from an addiction to pain meds can be tough and addicts are generally advised to undergo a detox under professional medical supervision. Checking into a privately run detox facility is arguably the best way to overcome an addiction to pain meds like hydrocodone, but many addicts don’t have the luxury of having any spare cash around to fund a stay in rehab. Some sufferers try to overcome their painkiller addiction by themselves by trying to gradually taper down their usage of the potent drugs. Unfortunately, tapering can be difficult and going “cold turkey” and enduring the painful withdrawal symptoms is often the only way for a person to get off prescription pain meds for good.


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Ecstasy And The Potential Dangers

100299192If you are doing ecstasy then you need to be aware of what can happen to you and how to get help with discontinuing use. That’s what you’ll get some information on here. If you’d like to learn more just keep reading and the information will be made clear.

When you take ecstasy, you’re basically increasing serotonin in your brain. This is what causes the high, and it’s dangerous because this can do more than just have your mood going up. You could start to hallucinate, get your body temperature up to dangerous levels, suffer from more depression when you come down, and a number of other unpleasant side effects. IF you do take ecstasy you’re going to want to stay hydrated, but if you over-hydrate that could be dangerous. Overall this is a drug that should be left alone due to its powerful effects and the fact that it can kill you or harm you greatly. Not to mention you will have no idea what is in the pills you’re getting off the street

Get online and look up drug abuse helpline numbers to see if you can find a treatment center to help with your addiction. These calls are usually confidential, and you don’t have to say anything besides you need help with a drug problem. When you contact these people you will want to be honest whenever possible. That way, they can get you into touch with the place that may be able to cure the disease of addiction for you.

You need to start learning about ecstasy use so that you don’t start letting it take your life over. Hopefully now you know about why this is not a good thing to be taking on a regular basis and you should also know where to turn for help.

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What Are Hallucinations? Hallucinations Explained


We have all heard about hallucinations — seeing things that aren’t really there, hearing sounds, and feeling sensations — and how frightening they can be, but what exactly is a hallucination?

What Are Hallucinations?

Simply put, a hallucination is the brain or body reacting to or creating sights, sounds and sensations that are not actually present, only perceived. In some cases the brain makes up these hallucinations, while it is reeling from other effects, in order to cope with or make sense of what is happening. While visual hallucinations are the most commonly talked about, hallucinations can also be either auditory (Sound) or Sensations.

What Causes Hallucinations?

Hallucinations can be caused by nearly anything, including lack of sleep! Because hallucinations are just the brain trying to cope with something it does not understand, anything that confuses the brain can cause hallucinations. Lack of sleep is actually one of the biggest causes of hallucinations, and you may not even realize it is happening. Have you ever been so tired that your thoughts start racing and you start thinking of strange things? Those are technically “mind’s-eye” hallucinations, which can be likened to dreaming. The effects are usually quite mild with sleep deprivation except in the cases of extreme sleep deprivation where the hallucinations start to take on a psychotic level.

Drugs and Hallucinations

We have already established that hallucinations are actually quite normal and can be caused by something as simple as a fever, migraine, or sleeplessness. Hallucinations can also be brought on by drugs and alcohol (Which often brings on more severe hallucinations). While adverse reactions to some drugs may cause hallucinations in a small group of those taking it, there are also drugs that have the main effect of causing hallucinations: Hallucinogens.


Hallucinogens are drugs that — as their main effect — cause hallucinations. With these drugs, we will see the most intense of hallucinations. While minor hallucinatinos might be as simple as thinking you saw something out of the corner of your eye, Hallucinogens bring on much stronger effects, leaving the sufferer unable to see straight lines. In this state, everything moves around like it is molten or melting, unable to understand this, the mind begins to fill in the blanks with images that it can better understand (i.e. pink elephants, dancing bears, strange monsters). The higher the dosage of these Hallucinogens, the more intense the hallucinations become. If a high enough dose is taken, the user enters an almost trance-like state, where it seems as though they are almost unconscious. The user is not unconscious, but is having mind’s-eye hallucinations. Again, mind’s-eye hallucinations are almost like dreaming, so the hallucinations seem VERY VERY real! Most often when drug users talk about going on a “journey in their mind,” this is what they are talking about.

What Drugs Cause Hallucinations?

  • LSD (Acid) — One of the strongest Hallucinogens in existence, this drug tends to cause the strongest visual hallucinations, and its effects can lest for 12 – 20 hours.
  • Mescaline — Again, a very strong hallucinogen, likened to LSD, though is found in nature and not only in a lab. Causes strong hallucinations and the effects last for 6 – 10 hours.
  • DMT — Another very strong hallucinogen, this drug tends to be more of a mind’s-eye hallucinogenic and has been used in the Amazon rainforest for hundreds of years by locals to take them on a “Spiritual Journey.” While it is said that this is possibly one of the strongest hallucinogens on earth, not enough studies have been done to confirm or deny this.
  • Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) — A naturally occurring hallucinogen, P. Cubensis mushrooms produce this hallucinogen, and is often considered a milder form of LSD. Though the effects are much less intense that LSD, one mushroom might have a much stronger level of the drug than the next. This means that judging how intense the “trip” will be is next to impossible and many fall into the “mind’s-eye” hallucinations all of the sudden and without warning.
  • Marijuana — Though not often considered a hallucinogen, it truly IS. For someone who has a low tolerance for marijuana, hallucinations are a real danger. Though mild, these hallucinations include the following marijuana effects that are not often looked at as hallucinations:
    • Munchies (Hallucination of a strong Hunger)
    • “Cartoon Vision” (Shading is harder to identify for the brain when it is high, so it makes everything look more flat, like a cartoon)
    • Auditory Hallucinations (Ringing in the ears, feeling music or sounds, etc.)
    • Paranoia (This paranoia can often lead the brain into thinking people or things are there, when there really isn’t)
    • Funny, Strange, or Odd Thoughts (This is a very baseline level mind’s-eye hallucination, where you are not vacant, are still aware, but those mind’s-eye hallucinations are subtly at the back of your head)
  • Alcohol — In high doses, during benders, and especially during withdrawals alcohol can cause very strong visual hallucinations as well as psychotic episodes.
  • Caffeine —  The hallucinations associated with caffeine are usually only seen in extremely high doses, but mild hallucinations are quite common with even a single cup of coffee. Some might get the sensation of their skin vibrating or a tingling in certain places, this is a form of hallucination.

That basically sums up how hallucinations occur. After all that information, you should begin to see that hallucinations are actually quite common, and you have probably had one or too before, and not quite realized that it was a hallucination. Even though hallucinations can be natural, taking drugs or abusing alcohol or substances should not be done in order to bring on hallucinations. If you have experienced any of the above hallucinations occurring naturally, you should check with your doctor immediately.


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The Danger Of Sniffing Glue

486977901Sniffing glue is very dangerous. It is not something you or any of your loved ones should be doing. It can cause a lot of issues.

Another word for it is huffing. It can be done with common household products. This is what makes it so scary. You don’t have to go out and buy anything special to do it.

People use nail polish,hairspray,glue or anything that can be inhaled that will cause a reaction. In the short-term you might experience inspired judgement, severe headaches, hallucinations and rashes as well as other issues. In the long-term you could experience muscle weakness, depression or even death.

It is simply not worth it to sniff glue or other like substances. It can really destroy your life and you won’t be able to get back to being the person you used to be. It can be a scary thing if you have watched someone deal with it.

If you do know someone who has gone down this road you need to see if you can get them some help. It won’t be easy but they need to stop what they are doing and figure out a way to get better. Being addicted to glue is not the way anyone should live their life.

Teach children at a young age to stay away from this type of thing. The more education you can give to kids, the more prepared they will be. If you can get through to them early on, they will be more likely to stay away from it in the future.

It is best to talk things over with your kids in general. They are smarter than you think they are. It is better they hear about it from you instead of another child that might not know better.

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Crystal Meth – Addiction Facts And Treatments Available

177033882One of the most overused drugs on the market today is crystal meth. It is known for its ability to give people an altered state. Method simply is a shortened term for methamphetamine, and people take this drug in order to get a rush of confidence, and a feeling of happiness and well-being. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most debilitating drugs that you can take because it has an adverse effect on your body. People that take meth for many years will appear to have aged very quickly. It is also called crank, speed, and chalk, and is also a very popular nighttime drug. It has actually been mixed with a variety of other substances, diluting it down, some of which have actually been found to be rat poison. Here are some tips on avoiding methamphetamines, and how to get treatment right away.

The Effects Of Methamphetamines

Methamphetamines have been around for quite some time, going back as far as almost 100 years ago. In the 1950s, he was actually prescribed by doctors because of its ability to help with depression and to help people lose weight. Unfortunately, it became stronger over time, and in the 60s, substance abuse became rampant. By the 1970s, it was illegal, and was used by those who enjoyed using cocaine because it was less expensive. In modern times, it is trafficked into the United States from Mexico and large labs are set up to create this substance. Not only is it addicting, but it can affect your health adversely, and also lead to the possibility of death.

Treatment Centers For Meth Addicts

for those that take methamphetamines, there is some hope. You can get treatment for meth addiction that many treatment centers in the country. You can utilize their services, and within several weeks, be off of this very addicting substance. You can check into one if they have available openings, and quickly find a way to find a drug-free life. By contacting these facilities as soon as possible, you can end your addiction to crystal speed methamphetamines this year.