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Drugs And Alcohol Can Be A Dangerous Mix

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186471131Anyone who is tempted to mix both alcohol and drugs together should know that this is a potentially dangerous combination. No matter what type of drugs you are taking, there can be a lot of risks to your health when you start consuming alcohol. In order to remain safe and healthy, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration.

In the case of prescription drugs, it is always important that you talk with your physician before mixing anything, such as alcohol, into your daily consumption. More often than you realize, you will end up with a prescription that will contain a warning about mixing with alcohol. However, even if you have medication instructions that do not list alcohol as a concern, you should double check to make sure whether or not it is going to be okay to consume it. There are actually some medications that will allow for a couple of alcoholic beverages with the warning that drinking in excess can have adverse effects. Of course, with any medication, you should always address your concerns to either the prescribing physician or the pharmacist.

Above all, street drugs should never be mixed with alcohol under any circumstance. If there is an underlying history with drug use, either with drugs that slow you down or speed you up, it is important that you refrain from consuming alcohol. Because there is no way to tell what is inside any sort of street drug, you could really be asking for a lot of trouble and health dangers once you introduce alcohol into the mix. For the most part, drugs can be difficult to come down from as it is. When you consume alcohol along with the street drugs it can be even harder to start to try and sober up. All too often, someone who is on both street drugs and alcohol will find themselves amidst a medical emergency that can even lead to death.


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