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Drugs And Alcohol Can Be A Dangerous Mix

186471131Anyone who is tempted to mix both alcohol and drugs together should know that this is a potentially dangerous combination. No matter what type of drugs you are taking, there can be a lot of risks to your health when you start consuming alcohol. In order to remain safe and healthy, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration.

In the case of prescription drugs, it is always important that you talk with your physician before mixing anything, such as alcohol, into your daily consumption. More often than you realize, you will end up with a prescription that will contain a warning about mixing with alcohol. However, even if you have medication instructions that do not list alcohol as a concern, you should double check to make sure whether or not it is going to be okay to consume it. There are actually some medications that will allow for a couple of alcoholic beverages with the warning that drinking in excess can have adverse effects. Of course, with any medication, you should always address your concerns to either the prescribing physician or the pharmacist.

Above all, street drugs should never be mixed with alcohol under any circumstance. If there is an underlying history with drug use, either with drugs that slow you down or speed you up, it is important that you refrain from consuming alcohol. Because there is no way to tell what is inside any sort of street drug, you could really be asking for a lot of trouble and health dangers once you introduce alcohol into the mix. For the most part, drugs can be difficult to come down from as it is. When you consume alcohol along with the street drugs it can be even harder to start to try and sober up. All too often, someone who is on both street drugs and alcohol will find themselves amidst a medical emergency that can even lead to death.


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How To Get Substance Abuse Treatment

sb10063567ak-001Steroid abuse is generally a problem associated with men.  A man often takes steroids when he wants to bulk up or perform well in athletic challenges.  Unfortunately, roids are addictive and can cause serious damage to the user’s health.

When it is Time to Get Substance Abuse Treatment for Stackers and Other Drugs?

While taking drugs is bad every time, it only becomes a serious problem when drug use interferes with a person’s regular life.  Drug users often become so addicted that they cannot function normally.  This results in them being unable to work.

Eventually, users will distance themselves from their friends and their family.  Some will even turn to crime to pay for their addiction.

At one point or another, the addict will realize that they have a problem and will ask for help.  When this happens, addicts should seek treatment.  It is important to be aware that no type of treatment will be effective if the addict is not open to the idea of getting clean.

There are a few different treatment options available to addicts.  The best is inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment is where an addict checks into rehab and stays there for a specified amount of time.  The first thing they will do in rehab is get the drugs out of their system.

Once the addict has gotten out of the detox stage successfully, he or she will be required to get therapy.  Individual and group therapy will help addicts identify what made them take drugs in the first place.

The therapist will then teach them other ways to deal with the problem.  For instance, if the addict was self-medicating mental illness, the therapist may ask him or her to get cognitive behavior therapy.  The approach taken by inpatient facilities will help addicts get off drugs and stay clean.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment is an Outpatient Treatment Option for Those Who Desperately Need Addiction Treatment, but Are Unable to Treat Their Addictions With a Lengthy Residential Treatment Stay. Find Out More About the Intensive Outpatient Rehab Facility from The Dunes East Hampton:


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Seeking Help for a Significant Other

478720553My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years. I knew he smoked marijuana, but when we first started dating, I did not understand the level of his addiction. However, after spending so much time with him, I now know how much of an issue this really is. He smokes every single day, and we are beginning to fight about it.

I have a full-time job and pay all the bills. I am responsible for every expense in our household. My boyfriend has a criminal record, so he has struggled to land a permanent job. I am embarrassed to admit that I have funded his habit in the past, but I know better know. He does not need me to be an enabler if he is going to successfully kick this addiction.

Smoking causes changes in my boyfriend that make it difficult to be around him. He gets silly and becomes disinterested in what is going on around him. He is quick to anger and even paranoid at times. He gets in the car and drives when he is under the influence, but it is clear that he cannot accurately judge how close or far away things are to him. He could harm himself or someone else when he does this.

I have tried talking to him about it, but it does no good. He insists that since marijuana is natural, it is safe. Obviously, based on what I have seen, that could not be further from the truth. I am afraid that this addiction is going to completely take over his life.

I want him to go to rehab. I have told him that our relationship will end for good if he does not seek help. I do not want to continue being the sole breadwinner; I need help with the bills and hate watching money get wasted on drugs. He does not seem to take my threats of leaving seriously, but I really mean it. I am going to find him a rehabilitation center and encourage him to go.

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Get Away From Alcohol Abuse Now!

alc freeA lot of people want to quit abusing alcohol, but they’re not sure of where to begin with it all. If you’re trying to work on this kind of a thing, then you’ll need this advice. Keep reading so that you can see what can be done to help you.

You’ll want to distance yourself from alcohol as much as you can. They may sell it everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to go down the aisles where it is. You don’t need to go to bars or to homes where people are going to be drinking. If you have to be around drinking, don’t let anyone offer you anything. If they do, let them know that you don’t drink. There’s nothing wrong with not drinking, even if people try to pester you about it. You’re saving your own life, so let them be that way if they wish.

You’re going to want to get into a treatment center if you’re having trouble quitting on your own. You probably will need to relearn a lot of life skills that you neglected because you were too busy drinking away all of your money and your days. You may have trouble paying for things if alcohol caused you to lose a job or something of that nature, but there are state run places you can get help at in a lot of states. Just look around, there are sure to be ways for you to get help.

You’re now aware of what you can do to deal with alcohol abuse when it’s a problem you need to deal with. You’ll be happy you have gotten this taken care of the next time you have a problem with this because it will help you lead a better life.

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Dextromethorphan And Robotripping

deadsyrupRobotripping is a term that is referencing what happens when people use dextromethorphan in high amounts because of its dissociative effects. Dissociative references hallucinogenic effects that may occur when people take large doses of certain cold medications. Also referred to as Robo, it is a very popular way to use this drug for recreational purposes. However, it does have some dangers involved, and it is most certainly a form of substance abuse.

What Is Dextromethorphan?

Dextromethorphan is an ingredient that you will find in quite a few over the counter cough suppressants. It doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, especially when used at recommended dosages. It’s only when large quantities of this drug are taken not this effect can occur. It is most commonly derived from Robitussin, one of the most popular cough medicines on the market today.

Understanding Robotripping

When people are doing the Robo, it is referencing the four different stages of this medicine as you take higher doses. At first, you only experience euphoria or a perceived change in gravity. Later, it can cause vivid hallucinations, and at the higher doses profound alterations in consciousness. It is very common to hear people talking about out of body experiences, and things that happened that border psychosis. Many people will do this to get a high, and it is therefore of great concern to parents who may hear about their children doing this regularly. It is a form of substance abuse that needs to be controlled for the safety of those that do not regard this as dangerous.

In the same way that many people enjoy taking illicit substances in order to get different types of highs, Robotripping is one of the favorites at the time of this writing, and there is very little to stop those that buy these over-the-counter drugs.

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Key Aspects of Drug Addiction and Treatment

480354067There are steps that any individual will need to overcome in relation to alcohol or drug addictions.  The first step would be to enroll into a treatment center that specifically deals with chemical dependency, drug and alcohol abuse problems. Here are a few vital elements for effective treatment for drugs and alcohol.

Achievable Goals

One of the most crucial steps in becoming drug free or to abstain from alcohol will be to write down goals that are achievable relating to the individual. Contrary to popular belief, that most addictions are known to be incurable. Millions of individuals overcome addictions worldwide and live fulfilling and productive lives.

The percentage of permanently kicking an alcohol or drug addiction will be significantly higher when the addict chooses a treatment center for rehabilitation purposes.

Period of Treatment

Many addicts have been abusing alcohol or chemical substances for a number of years. It would be hopeless to even think these extremely strong addictions will be reversed within a period of 28 days. Addicts that have started abusing substances from as early as their childhoods will need a significantly extended period of time in order to begin to re-adjust.

However long the addict needs should be spent in alcohol and drug free centers, where the addict can begin to learn about a normal and honest way of living. The re-adjustment period will depend on the addict and how he or she is responding to the treatment and methods used.

Eliminating Substitute Drug Treatment Systems

Certain withdrawals experienced by addicts will require medicinal assistance in the first few days of the adjustment period. However, once the patient has stabilized all drugs and medicines should be eliminated so that the addict can learn and abstain from a life without any chemical crutches.


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Heroin Rehabilitation Treatment

178861113One of the most addictive drugs on the black market today is heroin. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to quit this drug on their own. The physical symptoms of withdrawal can be intense, causing the addict to crave more just to relieve them. However, there is hope. Going to a rehabilitation center can be one of the best ways for a heroin addict to quit the habit and begin rebuilding their life.

The best option for someone addicted to heroin is an in-patient treatment center. While out-patient ones can benefit many addicts, the intensity of heroin addiction calls for around the clock care in the beginning of the recovery program. In these centers, the addict can be closely monitored.

The rehabilitation center will offer some medications to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. While it will not entirely relieve all of them, it will lessen the effects of the drugs leaving the body. These are non-narcotic medications that will not leave the addict hooked on a new substance. Generally, they are only prescribed during the first days or weeks of treatment.

The addict will also have around the clock monitoring of their medical condition. Sometimes withdrawal can be severe, leading to seizures or other symptoms which require medical attention. The staff at a rehab center are trained to look for signs that these may occur. Additionally, they have medical professionals that know how to treat these extreme conditions.

Once the addict has gotten through the detoxification phase, they will then go to group and individual therapy classes. In the groups, they will discuss their problems in a room with other addicts who understand what they are going through. The group is generally facilitated by a professional, sometimes an addict who has cleaned up their life and went through training to help others do the same.

During individual therapy, the addict can discuss some of the personal problems that may have led to addiction in the first place. There are often painful roots of abuse in childhood or traumatic events as an adult that led the addict to turn to drugs. Learning how to talk about these things is an important step in the recovery process.

Before the addict leaves the rehabilitation center, the team will also help them to develop a relapse prevention plan. This will often include things like attending twelve step meetings. Additional resources, such as follow up out-patient treatment are often set up to give the addict a place to turn once out. Developing a support group is essential for the addict so they do not turn to old friends who are likely to get them hooked back on drugs.

If you are addicted to heroin or smack, there is hope for you. Find a rehabilitation program either in your area or somewhere you can get to. Go into treatment with an open mind. They are all there to help you recover. Then, you will be able to detox your body and begin to reclaim your life.