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Barbiturates Are Depressants

89352761Barbiturates are a commonly abused class of drugs.  Amytal, Nembutal and Seconal are common prescribed names of a few of the drugs in this class.  These drugs are classed as sedative hypnotic drugs, or depressants.  They are named this way because they depress the activity in the brain.  Benzodiazepines are also included in the depressant category.

While the depressant class of drug does have legitimate use, such as for treatment of anxiety, seizures and anesthesia, it is also a majorly abused class of drugs.  One of the problems with this type of drug is that the user will start to develop a tolerance the longer they take it.  By developing a tolerance, the person will need to take larger doses to achieve the effects they desire.

This developing tolerance can lead to accidental overdoses.  This is due to the fine line between a desired effect and too much.  Often times a person will forget that just because they have taken a drug before does not mean that they can predict their reaction every time they take the drug.

Another problem that a person might face is if they combine their drug use with alcohol.  Alcohol is also a depressant, but since most people do not think that it is a drug many people may overdose when it is combined with these drugs.

Many people are afraid of withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking drugs.  Anxiety, tremors and rapid pulse and breathing rates are common withdrawal symptoms.  There is also a chance for the person to experience a seizure.  It is important to consult a doctor to try to stop taking these drugs, and the person needs to be honest about all substances that they might be taking.  This way the doctor can help plan out how to wean the drugs from the person’s system.