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How Easily Substance Abuse Happens


There are many people who never took recreational drugs yet found themselves in grips of an addiction to opiods. Every year, millions of people are injured or have a a medical condition which calls for a prescription of opiates to deal with the pain. The pain may or may not go away and an addiction can innocently begin.

Many addicts start out as patients with legitimate medical problems and they have to that narcotics to deal with the pain. It may be an injury or a surgery that take weeks or months to resolve, and before they know it, their body is now addicted to the prescription medications which can essentially be medically produced versions of opium.

At some point the patient finds that the normal dose is no longer working or they slowly build a tolerance and begin taking more medication. Often the patient will start out with a short term pain issue such as a broken bone, or a medically necessary surgery. After a month or two, the doctor will expect that the patient will no longer need pain medication as the wound, injury or surgical site heals.

But the patient finds that they are feeling worse than before and may be ashamed to discover that only narcotics will quell the pain and misery that they are dealing with. They may insist that the initial problem is not healed or insist there is a new problem but one way or the other, they have to get those prescription narcotics. They will suffer without them.

They now find that a dose that may have previously boosted their mood does nothing but get them to feeling normal. Perhaps they rationalize that they are not an addict since they do not get “high”, they just need the opioids to feel “normal. They may not realize it yet but they are now an addict.


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The Impact Of Cocaine Abuse

88021509The chances are that you either know someone who has tried cocaine or you have actually tried it yourself. This drug, also known as blow or any number of names, is a stimulant that works on the central nervous system. Derived from coca plant leaves, this drug is known to pass readily into the brain after being taken into the body. Quite often, the immediate effects of cocaine will be a state of euphoria or almost an instant high.

While it remains illegal to possess, manufacture or distribute cocaine, it is still widely known to be one of the most heavily commercialized and distributed products in the world. Since discovery, there have been many lives either impacted or lost due to the addictive nature of this drug. If you or anyone you know seems to be developing an addiction to cocaine, it is important that you seek help with substance abuse immediately. Doing so can mean the difference between life and death with most users.

Because addiction and dependency is so high with cocaine, it really does not matter which form you take. Usually, a user will start to develop an addiction in as little as two weeks time. Quite often, individuals who start to form a dependency on cocaine will often spend all of their money trying to obtain it, will usually lose their job and find it difficult to maintain normal relationships with other people. In some severe cases, people who have an acute addiction to cocaine can become violent or even resort to illegal activities to obtain and use it.

Today, there are many different programs that you can look into if someone you know or love is involved in cocaine use. If you are finding an addiction yourself, it is important that you open up to someone to try and find the appropriate treatment necessary to get better.

Mountain Village is an in-patient recovery center in California that uses the 12 step program in the treatment of addictions to opiates such as cocaine and prescription drugs. Mountain Village is available to help you or a loved one seek the treatment they need in order to return to a sober lifestyle without the use of opiates. Visit Mountain Village and learn more about their drug and alcohol treatment programs:

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