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The Truth About ‘The Love Pill’ – Ecstacy Unmasked


Ecstasy is an illegal drug classified as a Schedule I drug; this description is reserved for dangerous chemical substances with no known medical use. A few other examples of Schedule I drugs are LSD & heroin. This drug is not only illegal but it can also be lethal, especially when combined with copious amounts of alcohol.

Sadly, despite its dangers, ecstasy is one of the most widely used party drugs among young people. When X is consumed with alcohol it can cause chronic dehydration that often leads to death. Due to ecstasy’s predominance as a ‘party favor’ or ‘club drug emergency room incidents involving Ecstasy have skyrocketed more than 1200% in recent years.

The 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health state that an estimated 2.3% of eight graders, 6.5 percent of 12th graders and 5.2 percent of 10th graders had tried Ecstasy at least ones. The saddest part of this result is that 92% of children who try Ecstasy later turn to other more addictive substances like heroin.

One of the main appeals of E or Ecstasy, and the reason many of the youth are keen to try it, are the feeling heightened perception of color, sound and sensations in general it is thought to produce. This has led it to be nicknamed “the love pill” due to the heightened sexual sensations. Sadly this “high” usually ends in depression, paranoia and in some cases even psychological problems and psychotic behavior.

Education and open communication are key to helping keep our youth from using this step stone drug. Helping them understand the inherent dangers, and possible permanent side effects of the narcotic might help them see the more sinister side of this “party favor”. Ecstasy is no laughing matter; it is a killer designer drug that is not only possibly lethal, but usually leads to the use of even more dangerous narcotics.